Make Equal Access to Justice Possible

We provide legal assistance to low income residents of Clallam and Jefferson County.

To request Pro Bono services you must first call the CLEAR Line.


CLEAR will determine if you are eligible for services.

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Help us provide equal access to justice to those who are unable to afford legal counsel.


Volunteers are the foundation of our program and the much needed services we provide.  We encourage local attorneys to give back to the community they live in and the profession they have chosen by donating their time to us.


CJCPBL is committed to promoting equal access to justice, which is a cornerstone of our judicial process. Help us achieve this by advocating.

Upcoming Clinics:

Virtual legal aid clinics will be offered throughout 2023.   All consultations will be by phone or Zoom, first come first serve. 

Pre-registration is required.

Select date to register. 

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